Custom Masks

Our Custom Masks

Our re-usable cloth masks feature 3-ply construction with the outer layer made of 100% polyester (to repel moisture), and the two inner layers made of 100% cotton (for moisture absorption). The inner cotton layers make the mask extremely breathable and soft, for the comfort of the wearer. All of our masks also feature soft elastic for the ear loops and a form fitting, metal-free nose piece for a snug, secure fit.

Independently tested by world-renowned laboratories, and vetted by infectious disease specialists, our masks have been shown to provide UV protection as well as anti-bacterial filtration ranging from 95-99%, for up to 30 washes. This means you can wash and re-use the mask up to 30 times without the mask losing any of its anti-bacterial or UV properties. 

We offer several different models of our mask. From our classic “Hope” mask to our adjustable “Trinity” and “Integrity” masks, you are sure to find the right fit, the right look, and the right design for you.

Contact our team today to inquire about creating your own custom mask! All we need to get started is your logo, and we’ll create an artwork board free of charge.

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